GOLD IN HOME DEPOT SAND !!! What type to get.

George ” Buzzard ” Massie originally found Gold in Home Depot Sand years ago and we wanted to find out for ourselves if the Legend was true. Enjoy. ( Please Rate , Share and Subscribe. Thanks….

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5 Responses to “GOLD IN HOME DEPOT SAND !!! What type to get.”

  1. ghosttownhunter says:

    Hi mikego18753, Thanks for saying so, just glad to make videos that people like to watch. Jeff

  2. ghosttownhunter says:

    Thanks Paul for the great comment. Jeff

  3. ghosttownhunter says:

    We will have that working today.  Jeff

  4. ghosttownhunter says:

    Thanks Carl.  Jeff

  5. ghosttownhunter says:

    Hi Metromess Digger, who would of thought an ASE Master Mechanic would be out in the Desert looking for Gold. Glad you liked the video. Jeff

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